The company directors have been running highly successful private businesses in Australia for over 26 years. Since 2008 the company operated as a National Telstra Distributor managing over 150 downstream channel partners and picking up many national awards.

In 2018 the company looked to introduce new technologies in a move to provide more solutions and increase the business reach through both direct and indirect sales channels. A part of that change was also a change in branding and opted for a brand that denoted the companies focus on “leading edge” products and services, particularly around Autonomous Vehicle systems. The world is experiencing an increased demand for autonomous craft that fly, float, dive and drive and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) is a term that encompasses all of these main segments. So, the  EdgeROV brand was born.

EdgeROV’s initial foray into autonomous remotely operated vehicles was to partner with Notilo Plus from France, a company specializing in underwater drones. As the importer and distributor of their Seasam range of products EdgeROV has delivered numerous specialized drone platforms to both commercial enterprise’s government agencies.

Recently EdgeROV has  also added an Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV) solution  to the company’s products portfolio from US supplier Sea Machines. Sea Machines has designed autonomous command and remote-helm control systems for workboats , Survey vessels, patrol boats, ferries and other commercial and military vessels. These systems can be retrospectively fitted to existing craft thereby extending the “technology life” of many existing vessels.

Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles and Uncrewed Ground Vehicles will be added to complete the four vehicle categories.

Based in Cairns in North Queensland we are ideally located for the Subsea ROV drone business from an operations and training perspective. So much so that Notilo Plus have chosen EdgeROV to be part of their “BETA” testing team when trialling new and improved technologies as they are developed. With our planned expansion to other major coastal locations and capital cities , Edge ROV will have the coverage to support customers and resellers directly. Our customer support will also been enhanced by a Reseller partner network of ROV specialist companies around Australia. The next phase of our ROV development is the addition of a commercial grade UAV product designed to operate in GPS denied and dangerous or difficult environments. Stay tuned.



As previously different technologies merge due to the “digitalisation revolution” we see new streamlined and more efficient products and applications being developed. For example Voice and Data networks were once separate networks, now they use common platforms and end user devices.

Two of the biggest drivers in technology convergence in the digital world has been (AI) Artificial Intelligence and (ML) Machine Learning. AI and ML have contributed to developing a smarter, more efficient and a more connected digital world that we all experience everyday, mostly without us even knowing.



Both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been prime drivers in the development of applications around autonomous and unmanned vehicles. The three main vehicle drone categories are Air, Water and Ground vehicles. All three use similar ways to communicate and operate including GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth etc with other technologies specific to certain vehicle types such as USBL and DVL positioning technology.

Some manufacturers have developed new technologies specific to their products which is what Notilo Plus have done with their Autonomous tracking feature on both Seasam and iBubble ROV’s as well as their Video Data management platform called Notilo Cloud.


EdgeROV has chosen to distribute French company, Notilo Plus’s, range of submersible autonomous ROV drones because of the unique and patented smart technology they have developed for the ROV industry. One example is the software that enables the UUV to follow and video record a diver without the need for a tether or cables means this is the only true underwater drone in market today.

EdgeROV Australia are thrilled to be able to work with Notilo Plus as their Australian Distributor given our location in Cairns, the Dive capital of Australia. With direct flights to all capital cities plus an abundance of accommodation access to EdgeROV customer training facilities in Cairns makes the location perfect.